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Future Earth

CO2 free

No Comments 15 November 2011

I was recently horrified to learn that I consumed 13.62 tonnes of CO2 while writing the sequel to The Human Race, which is ironic, given that the book is an eco-thriller. As a result, I decided to do something about my carbon output. Namely, to cut my business emissions to zero over the next ten years without impacting on my lifestyle, just as the environmentalist Ray Anderson did. Continue Reading

Future Earth

What is the real cost of a plastic bag?

No Comments 25 October 2011

While many billions of plastic bags are used each year, their contribution to climate change is actually minimal. In his book Carbon Detox, the environmental writer George Marshall calculates that on average, our annual use of plastic bags produces only 5 kg of the enormous 12,500 kg of carbon dioxide we pump out each year. Continue Reading

On Writing

The best of the blogs

2 Comments 21 October 2011

Since finishing the sequel to The Human Race, I’ve taken some time out of writing to catch up with life in general. And for me, that has meant reading. A lot of reading…

Regular readers of A Rush of Green will know that my own posts tend to focus on developments in science and technology and the environment, or look at how I’m fairing with my writing. So with this in mind, I’ve decided to pull together a list of my favourite blog posts over the last few months, each of which focus on one or more of these themes. Continue Reading

On Writing

The Human Race – now on Kindle!

3 Comments 23 September 2011

There has been a lot of excitement in the Heaton household this weekend: my publisher has just launched the Kindle edition of The Human Race! It’s been a while coming and, as you can see, this new edition also has a new cover. I like it a lot. I like the original cover too, but some readers found it off-putting. Since it was first published the book has found a wider audience, and the decision to review the artwork was taken.

It also seems fitting for an eco-thriller to be published online. So, as I’m sure you can tell, I’m very pleased. But I’m also a little sad. Continue Reading

On Writing

My writing progress: I’m a summer writer!

5 Comments 22 September 2011

Earlier this year I blogged about my obsession with my writing progress. I am scrupulous about recording my “writing statistics”, and either beat myself up when I fail to meet my targets or celebrate with high fives when I hit them.

Having just finished the second book in The Human Race “Thrilogy”, I am taking a short break before starting the third and final instalment of the series. This week, contemplating the best time to put pen to paper, I decided to compile statistics for my writing progress for the last four years. As you can see, they make for some interesting viewing: Continue Reading

Future Earth

Carbon reduction: is it good for business?

3 Comments 20 September 2011

Are big companies altruistic? And by “altruistic”, I mean the sort of altruism portrayed by Ethan Rae in The Human Race. Ethan gives away 25 per cent of his annual net profits to good causes such as carbon reduction, which, over a two-year period, amounts to more than £250 million. It’s a lot of money, but Ethan has his reasons and, importantly, the wherewithal to do it. His company, Rae Holdings, is private so he can pretty much do what he wants. In other words, he isn’t answerable to shareholders. Continue Reading

Future Earth

I never set out to write an eco-thriller…

No Comments 09 September 2011

I have two confessions to make.

Firstly, I never set out to write an eco-thriller.

Secondly, when I began to write my first novel, I wasn’t remotely concerned about the environment. Continue Reading

Future Tech

The birth of billions: the first step towards fusion power?

No Comments 31 August 2011

Two birth statistics caught my eye this week. One is well known, the other less so.

As you may know, the birth of the seven billionth person will take place in October of this year, most likely in India or China.

Following hot on its heels will be the birth of the billionth car. Yes that’s right, there will shortly be one thousand million motor vehicles clogging the roads of this planet. That’s one car for every seven men, women and children. It’s a phenomenal statistic and one that shows no sign of abating as third world countries continue to replace two legs with four wheels. Continue Reading

Future Earth

Iceland’s low carbon future: can we do it too?

No Comments 25 August 2011

I have previously blogged about the speed at which carbon emissions are rising and the need for a low carbon future. Essentially, emissions are on an upward growth curve that shows no signs of stopping. The evidence to support this increase is overwhelming, and whether or not you believe that the rise in emissions is the cause of global warming, the outcome is undeniable. I guess we’ll just have to get used to rising sea levels and more extreme weather patterns! In fact, many people have begun to accept that global warming has arrived and is here to stay. And they are doing something about it. Not by reducing their emissions or implementing a low carbon strategy, but by adapting to this new reality. Continue Reading

Future Tech

What came first: flying or failure?

1 Comment 23 August 2011

Did you read about the Falcon HTV-2 last week? Billed as the fastest plane ever built, it was lost in a test flight somewhere over the Pacific. But not before recording speeds in excess of 13,000 miles per hour, or 20 times the speed of sound!

Just over 100 years ago, flying did not even exist. It was not until one day in December 1903 that the Wright Brothers made their inaugural flight. They were able to keep their prototype aloft for just twelve seconds, during which time it flew over 120 feet (37 metres) at speeds of 6.8 mph. Continue Reading

Future Earth

The greed of the human race and a world without consequence

No Comments 19 August 2011

As I sat watching the riots unfold across Britain last week, I couldn’t help but draw similarities with another two recent events. Firstly, the MPs expenses scandal and secondly, the financial shenanigans which nearly brought down the Western banking system. Continue Reading

Future Tech

The energy debate: what would you choose?

No Comments 17 August 2011

Let’s play a game.

Imagine you’ve just been appointed Energy Czar for your country and you have the opportunity to restructure its future energy policy in an environmentally acceptable manner. What would your chosen policies be? Continue Reading

Future Travel

Why flying will always be a dirty word

5 Comments 20 July 2011

Back in 2002, when I was researching The Human Race, I dug deep into the world of the airline industry and found it to be in some degree of turmoil. Still recovering from the devastating aftermath of 9/11, the airline industry also had additional challenges to contend with. These included the SARS virus, the continued threat of terrorism, sky high oil prices, a nascent green movement and economy airlines undercutting the established carriers. There was also a strong perception amongst passengers that flying itself was awful. Continue Reading

On Writing

O.C. Heaton in the Yorkshire Evening Post

No Comments 23 May 2011

I was recently interviewed by Rod McPhee of the Yorkshire Evening Post, about The Human Race and my decision to move from New York City to my hometown of Leeds, UK. The full interview is below:

This Life

Leeds People on love, life and everything

FORMER attorney OC Heaton was born and bred in Leeds but left for the bright lights of the New York legal world when he was just 23.

After seven years he returned to his home city, swapping a pad in Manhattan for a family home in Meanwood. It was initially a temporary move but – after getting married and starting a family – it became permanent. Continue Reading

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Reviews of The Human Race

Unputdownable. Yes, I know it's not a word, but it definitely applies here, anyway. That's the word I'm going with, to describe The Human Race by O.C. Heaton. - Hira N. Hasnain

An outstanding first novel from O.C. Heaton that catapults him into the Best Seller league… - Justine Bond

"This is an exciting, fast-paced read. The Human Race is a book that is very easy to forget to put down. Bring on part two!" - L. H. Bowers

"If you are looking for a well-plotted and well-written thriller to while away the hours of a long flight, this offering might suit you very well." - David Bryson, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

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