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Are you a Petrol Head?

0 Comments 25 June 2012

I recently blogged about robot cars and our subsequent loss of one more area of personal freedom as computers start doing something else for us. Well, when writing said blog I never considered that we might actually be moving into a post car world.

Before you holler too loudly, consider the facts. Since 1996 there has been a 13% decline in annual trips by cars and vans in the UK and a 4% reduction in annual distance travelled over the same period. And it’s not just the UK – the ratio of vehicle miles travelled is falling in the US as well. 12 years ago it was 10,000 vehicles per year. It is now 9,500 – not an insignificant drop.

But why?

Well I suspect the high cost of fuel has definitely been a factor but it runs deeper than that. I believe a systemic change is occurring in how we travel and it is being driven by the Internet. Consider the following:

  • We’re buying way more stuff online. Groceries, clothes, gifts, books, you name it. The chances are it is now available at the click of a mouse where previously it would have required a trip to the shop.
  • We meet more online as well both for business and socially. Leaving aside social networks, mass market video conferencing tools like Skype mean we can meet in person for virtually nothing without leaving our office or home.
  • There is also a cost consideration at play. I don’t know many youngsters who can afford a car these days. The cost of insurance, petrol, maintenance make it prohibitive.
  • And finally there’s flexi working. It’s on the increase because technology allows us to stay connected 24/7 from anywhere on any device. With that sort of flexibility who needs a car?

So does that herald the end of the car? In one sense yes. The PC is becoming as liberating as the car used to be. It is all about personal freedom allowing anyone to virtually travel anywhere they want any time of the day.

Interestingly, cars are no longer linked to GDP growth. Believe it or not they used to be or at least the miles they travelled did. Fifty years ago the total movement of cars and lorries on the road grew as fast as the economy. It made sense because back then the two were indelibly linked. But not now. In 2003 when US vehicles miles travelled (VMT) was 2.9 trillion miles, US GDP was $12 trillion. Eight years later GDP passed $15 trillion whilst VMT stood still. GDP is now linked to other forms of growth – ones that are not necessarily wedded to four wheels but instead exist online, like banking, shopping, gaming, socialising, education, watching movies, listening to music. Inevitably that will require less and less car power.

Adios Petrol Heads!

Inspired by an article in the Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/jun/12/america-motor-car-transport?INTCMP=SRCH

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